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Cat Litter Silica Gel Supplier

Silica Gel Pet Litter / Silica Gel Cat Litter Cat litter, in seconds, can absorb pet’s urine and fecal odor, can curb bacterial growth, and maintain the surface of cat litter dry and clean and keep safe of pets sanitation. While cat litter can absorb volatile gases, water adsorption in the air, it plays the role of air fresheners, keeping air and environment clean. Due to the unique properties of silica gel cat litter, with minimal volume, in the course of using there will be less litter.


Granule size 2-8 mm
Granule form Crystal
Mass fraction of granules of 2-8 mm size Not less than 90%
Bulk density 400-500 grams per a liter (400-500 kg/m3)